Absolute Fabrication – What’s In a Name

With this being ‘National Name Yourself Day’ (April 9th), we thought today would be a great day to discuss “what’s in a name”. Because – as a local family owned and operated business, Absolute Fabrication & Machining Ltd understands the importance of standing by your name, in service and reputation alike!

Reputation Means a Lot

When it comes to the longevity of a company, retention of clients, and acquiring new customers; your name mean something in the community that you serve.

Which is just part of why we seek to understand our clients needs, as well as ensure their peace of mind through our CWB Certified services, making sure that our qualifications and your comfort go hand-in-hand.

It’s All in the Details

Details count for a lot also – whether in a personal relationship or a business relationship, how you handle the details can make all the difference.

Our focus is on our attention to detail while offering well-honed craftsmanship backed by years of knowledge and training. This, along with high quality products to ensure your end product is exactly what you envisioned – right down to the tiniest of details!

Material Matters Too

At Absolute Fabrication, we also understand that material matters to our clients too, along with the finishes we provide depending on which material you choose to use on your fabrication project.

Whether choosing stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel – or anything in-between, you can rest assured that our materials are quality products and will be cut and crafted to your specifications seamlessly.

Structural or decorative, our steel fabrication services are a cut above, and we will deliver your commercial project ourselves, including welding services and setup as needed.

From concept to completion, drafting and design to the aforementioned welding services, we are here to ensure your steel fabrication project is exactly as you envisioned it, keeping the good-standing of our name within the community, and helping your achieve your business solution or decorative display in order to further your business as well.

Curious to know more? CONTACT US any time with your fabrication or drafting inquiry, and we will be happy to help you!