Bend it Like Beckham

Great skill is definitely preferred over a trained “button pusher” when it comes to creating metal works of art. Granted, there is a lot of advanced technology that makes up a shop room floor at any steel fabrication company, but knowing how to best handle such equipment is all part of the art.

Whether your shop is fixed with an old school mechanical press brake, or a fresh-off-the-market hydraulic kind …as long as you know how to handle your equipment, you can do a functional job. All the while creating fashionable works of art. Everyone wants the most current machinery, but making the most of what you have, and ensuring the client is happy with their end product, is what matters most.

Both the old school as well as the modern systems are nearly foolproof, and can effectively be manned in order to make parts and products. But precision sheet metal fabrication is about more than just knowing your CAD systems. For the press brake technician, it’s more than just having a basic understanding of the machine and its controller as well.

At Absolute Fabrication, we are able to take your idea, put it to blueprint, and produce a finished product …all in a timely and precision-based manner. We aren’t just technical button-pushers, but prefer to put skill to our trade and design, and create a cutting edge, yet fit-to-spec product.

Modern technology has definitely sped up the business-to-buyer cycle, and the shop floor of today has parts flowing quickly between different processes.

Between sales, quoting, engineering, customer communication, part flow, packaging, and delivery, we want to ensure every step is addressed quickly and accurately. By doing so, it improves our on-time delivery, and increases available capacity …which in turn provides optimal service for our clients and a broader product mix.

At Absolute Fabrication, we always look forward to addressing your needs!