The Benefits of Structural Steel


Structural steel is not limited to linear construction; rather, the literal flexibility of it makes it an optimal building material for homes and business structures alike.

With our design team capable of creating and implementing your structural steel design, it allows you the capability to address both the functional demands of your building needs, without losing out on any unique design elements you desire.

Do Steel Structure Appear “Cold”?

It’s a fallacy that steel will appear as a “cold” building structure. The truth is, steel can provide natural beauty, coupled with strength, and enhanced by its transparency. Steel can offer a framework for warm and modern design elements that will make you feel right at home, or fully functioning within a steel structured business.

Whether you foresee a an open concept design with steel accents, or wish to implement coloured coatings on your steel structure, the options are nearly limitless. Because structural steel can be rolled or bent to create non-linear lines, they have the strength to easily harness natural lighting, further enhancing the warmth of your home or business.

Is Steel Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly?

Steel and sustainability go hand in hand. Although some might consider steel as an “unnatural” product, it is actually the most recycled material on planet earth, offering an 88% recycle rate. Creating current and future sustainability, there has been a 47% decline in the carbon footprint of structural steel since 1990, and we are seeing continual growth in this building material of choice.

Is Steel a “Design Capable” Material?

Fashion or function, signature or structured, complex or simplistic …or a combination of all of those factors, steel structures are capable of most any concept or design idea one could think of. In fact, no other framing material even comes close to the design abilities afforded to you by structural steel. It truly provides freedom of expression in an affordable, sustainable, and creatively astute way, which supersedes all other building materials on many (if not all) levels.

At Absolute Fabrication, we would love to discuss the capabilities of structural steel as it pertains to your building needs, and uncover how our company can provide a building solutions for you!