Be the Change Your Want to See

Finding a business model that works for your company’s workflow can be a painstaking task that sometimes involves a lot of trials and errors. Which is why Absolute Fabrication offers business solutions as part of our steel fabrication process, and want to help you ‘Be the Change You Want to See’!

How To Be the Change Your Want to See

Being the change you want to see in your company involves knowing who to turn to for ideas; how a new design in your backend production line could benefit from a steel fabrication solution, or how your front-end could utilize a new metal display system to better attract and enhance your customer experience.

At Absolute Fabrication & Machining Ltd. we can help you create your idea and design your concept from the ground up. Whether you have a specific project in mind that needs to be put onto a screen to see if it could work in real time, or you already have a prototype in place and want a second opinion from a reputable steel fabrication company – our drafting and design team has the AutoCAD and Solid Works skills, along with the experience needed to help you bring your design to life.

Change Through Varying Forms of Metal

Not only do we execute solutions and deliver results, we also provide options in the form of steel, aluminum and various grades and finishes of stainless steels. Regardless of if you require light gauge work for a custom project or need to facilitate your construction through heavy steel beams and/or plates – we can help you with your growing needs or your newly designed company.

Technically speaking – our shop is equipped with profile plate burning, shearing, forming, & cutting equipment. From gauge material to 10” plate our profile-cutting table can cut any shape and quantity you need. Shearing and forming capacity up to 3/8”.Our HyD MACH S-20 band saw can cut up to 18 1/2” wide, 13” round material or stack material for fast repetitive processing, and we also offer water and laser jet technology.

We are a family founded and run business that is a proud supporter of change, and are pleased to provide an environmentally friendly solution for your business needs

We look forward to serving you …feel free to CONTACT US any time for a fabrication or drafting inquiry.