Choosing Between Wood vs. Steel Construction on the West Coast

Choosing between wood or steel construction on the West Coast can be a difficult decision. Depending on the end goal, the product or the structure your looking to create, finding the right material while taking in budget considerations – matters.

As a CNC Machining specialist in Langley, our goal is to help our customers manage their business solutions through precision construction of steel products. Whether requiring an enclosed structure for your brewery, a checkout stand for your small business, a staircase for your home, a movie set for an upcoming film, or a multitude of other construction projects; we can help you make the decision that’s right for YOU!

Wood vs. Steel Construction on the West Coast

With lumber being a major resource here in BC, some do may not have considered steel for their structure or project.

However, steel construction in the West Coast is a very real option, and we’ve put together a list of considerations when weighing your options.

Lifespan and Strength

An investment is an investment – no matter the cost. So investing in something that has a decent lifespan and the strength to ‘weather the storm’ – depending on what its purpose is, matters.

Both wood and steel have the strength to be contenders; however, where steel trumps lumber is in its ability to manage seismic concerns, fire, water and termites.

Speed and Cost

How quickly you might need a construction project completed is also a factor. Lumber requires certain milling processes and labourers to build your project. As well, the cost of lumber has gone up in price astronomically. Although steel costs have risen also, due to its recycled nature, it can often be a more affordable option depending on the project.

Appeal and Environmental Factors

Which brings us to environmental factors. As per our comment about the recycled nature of steel; this makes it incredibly environmentally friendly product, having multiple uses throughout its unending lifespan. In addition, the ability to machine steel in a variety of ways, keeps steel comparable to wood when it comes to appeal.

Both wood and steel are strong and appealing. But while they hold similar comparisons in these areas; when it comes to speed, cost and environment factors – there are definite benefits to steel worth considering for your next steel construction project on the West Coast.

We’re here to help and happy to do so!