Choosing Sustainable Steel Solutions for Better Business Practices

Sustainable solutions are an optimal choice for any business, household and individuals overall. Being able to maintain costs and consume less energy just makes the most sense for the planet and for financial productivity – which is why we want to talk about ‘Choosing Sustainable Steel Solutions for Better Business Practices’.

The Sustainability of Steel

Often times when people think of steel, they think of rust. But when it comes to steel fabrication – whether you are in need of an indoor steel solution or outdoor steel signage, there are ways to create steel rust-resistant products and structures, providing you with a long shelf-life while using one of the most recycled materials on earth!

The Recycled Nature of Steel

Did you know that steel is one of the most recycles resources on earth? From cars to cans and more, steel can be recycled time and again, maintaining its structure each time it’s reshaped into something new.

In addition, steel solutions protect trees from being cut down, replacing wood structures and interior construction with steel – which can even be made to look like wood with various steel fabrication processes.

As we’ve mentioned in some of our other blog posts: it takes 200 trees to create a 500 square foot space, and only 30 scrap cars for the same structure – saving hundreds of years of growth, and removing scrap cars out of landfills at the same time!

If your business is looking to be a part of the solution, Absolute Fabrication can help, and we would love to meet with you to discuss your ideas and provide you with sustainable solutions that make sense for your business type and needs.

Our shop is equipped with profile plate burning, shearing, forming, & cutting equipment. From gauge material to 10” plate our profile-cutting table can cut any shape and quantity you need. Shearing and forming capacity up to 3/8”. Our HyD MACH S-20 band saw can cut up to 18 1/2” wide, 13” round material or stack material for fast repetitive processing.

If you have been looking for a cost-effective business solution, let us know how we can help by calling our office at any time with your questions …we look forward to serving your needs!