Create Business Resolutions with Steel Fabrication Solutions

Every business has a fiscal year, which may or may not begin at the start of the calendar year. But regardless of when your company starts its “new year”, Absolute Fabrication believes that ‘creating business resolutions with steel fabrication solutions’ can be a great start for your company in 2019!

Solving Problems Your Didn’t Know You Had

A lot of times a company will come to us for a simple steel processes solution, and then walk away with much more than that. Because at Absolute Fabrication, we believe in providing our customers with solutions that will enhance their business processes, streamline their workload and/or help generate more business with an improved storefront or in-store displays – helping you to solve problems you didn’t even know you had.

Cutting Edge Steel Fabrication

Taking the time to consider your business logo, practices, displays and your overall perception by the public, is a good thing to do each year as the times change quickly and savvy consumers along with them.

Having outdated storefront signage or interior layouts can work against a business, so ensuring you have the most esthetically pleasing place of business for 2019 will also better ensure business picks up in the year ahead.

In-House Design Team at Your Service

Not only do we provide cutting edge steel fabrication solutions, we also offer an in-house design team who can turn your idea into a real-time solution.

With our AutoCAD and SolidWorks design team on hand, you will be able to quickly see your idea(s) come to life, and understand how we can design a steel product to streamline your workflow, create better checkout stands, or provide you display cases, shelving, drop-boxes etc, to help your business boom!

Locally Driven Makes for a Great Resolution

“Buying local” is big business, but as a local business we all know how difficult it is to compete with factory-style companies. Which is why, when we keep our business products and solutions local, it can help the collective efforts and ensure we are all working towards a sustainable community right within our own neighbouring shops and services.

Curious to know more? Call us at: 604-882-8842 or Email: We look forward to serving you in 2019!