Your Finished Steel Fabrication Project

Steel fabrication projects can offer many finishes, allowing your end product to appear as you see fit. Although some may have the misconception that steel will appear exactly as such – like a shiny piece of metal, this isn’t actually true. In fact, your steel fabrication project in Langley can even look like wood if you so choose!

Why the Finish of Your Steel Fabrication Project is Important

Whether you are constructing an exterior space or creating an interior business solution, the finish of your steel fabrication product is important both for visual appeal as well as for the quality and lifespan of your project.

For instance creating a weather resistant exterior for your steel fabrication project, offering durability and maintaining its appearance season after season, or creating a interior business solution or design element for your company will all lend themselves to appearance in showcasing your brand objectives and making your business personality known.

Understanding the Various Types of Steel Fabrication Finishes

At Absolute Fabrication, we offer a variety of steel fabrication finishes at our Langley locations, which include but are not limited to:

Metal Plating – involves applying a thin later of metal depending on the finished look desired and your durability needs.

Brushed Metal – has the ability to hide wear better, so if your project is going to be put to work a great deal, or you wish to have more of an industrial feel to your end product, brushed metal is a great option.

Powder Coating – offers a more decorative effect, giving you an end colour and texture of your choosing.

Other steel fabrication finishes include:

  • Hot Blackening
  • Metal Grinding
  • Metal Vibratory Finishing
  • Two-Part Epoxy
  • Anodizing
  • Galvanizing
  • Sand Blasting

Choosing a finish can be difficult, so take into consideration how the product will be used, how quickly the project be completed vs. your immediate need for it, whether it meets your budget, and if the material being used is the right steel for your project’s end objectives.

Want to know more? At Absolute Fabrication, we are happy to discuss your needs and come up with a steel fabrication project that meets them. We are conveniently located in Langley at 104 -19789 92A Avenue (View Map), so feel free to contact us at 604-882-8842 or email: to further discuss!