High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting & Your Business

As the leading Steel Fabrication Company in Langley and across the Lower Mainland, Absolute Fabrication is pleased to offer our clients High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting for their Fabrication Projects. It’s accuracy upon completion, and ability to create an end product quickly within that accuracy is something our customers value …and here’s why!

High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting Explained…

High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting involves high-tech software, which is run by trained fabrication technicians who steer the machinery to produce an impeccable cut, leading to a perfect end product.

How perfect, you ask? Our High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting equipment uses an 8’ x 20’ High Definition CNC Plasma Table, which cuts from gauge material to within a ¾” plate precision. This gives it a hairline away from a perfect accuracy score, and is completed quickly too.

Steel Fabrication & Certified Journey Tradesmen

It is one thing to boast of the equipment a company uses, and another to offer the skilled tradesmen to complete the job …and we’re proud to say – we do!

As a proudly owned and operated family-run business, we offer design, fabrication, installation and metal processing in a one-stop-shop fashion. We feel as though our service is only good as the final product, the benefits that product brings to a company, and it’s final functionality within your business. As such, we take the time to ensure your project is handles from start-to-finish under our Absolute Fabrication service guarantee, offering our customer confidence in knowing that our fabrication projects are a “cut above”, and will provide the benefits they are set out to deliver.

Whether your steel fabrication project is just in the idea phase, or you have a solid plan you would like us to help you produce, we are here to do exactly that – help!

Call us at 604-888-8842, or fill in our contact page form by clicking here for a quote, and find out how our High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting services can help your business with a function, a design element, or an entire structure to operate out of.

We look forward to turning your ideas into a reality and helping your business grow!