How Steel Can Improve Your Business “Structure”

From bar-tops to stairwells to signage to framework, using fabricated steel to construct all or part of your business structure can be both esthetically beneficial, as well as offer a solution to a business need.

Whether it’s wracks built within your bar, or storage built within your stairwell, or a desired design element in your signage, at Absolute Fabrication we provide companies with design solutions, and take concepts to completion.

Concept to Completion

Over the years we have found that business owners often have ideas that they simply don’t have complete solutions for. They are sometimes unsure of what materials to construct with, and how to go about the layout – among other things. That is why having a company who can help you create and design your project from a simple prototype, or even a mere concept, it an ideal choice. This leaves out the room for costly errors and incomplete project concepts.

Our drafting and design team has the AutoCAD and SolidWorks skills, as well as the experience to help you bring your ideas to life, and can even offer up additional steel solutions for your business that you might not have considered.

CNC Machining and Steel Fabrication

CNC Machining stands for “Computer Numerical Control” and is a process that helps us manufactures your project in a precise manner.

Steel Fabrication is part of the CNC Machining process, and involves the actual creative process involving the building of metal “objects” or structures. These structures are created through methods of cutting, bending, and assembling the steel accordingly.

Finishing and Installation

You can finish metal in various ways, just as you can wood, which results in various looks and feels to the metal itself.

Sometimes the concept is easier than knowing where to install your signage or other such building additions. But our onsite installation and assembly team can easily map out the best spot for your completed steel project, and our mobile welding services are available to fully secure your custom design.

At Absolute Fabrication, we don’t simply offer the basics. Rather we offer custom cutting of magnetic sheet material, 3-dimensional sign carving, reverse engraving, and even provide a diamond drag engraving system for added detail.

We would love to hear about your idea, and help you come up with a creative solution. Call us today, and allow us to create your vision of tomorrow!