How to Choose a Tradesmen Wisely

Choosing a tradesman in the Lower Mainland to get the job done right the first time can be task that may require a lot of research. No matter if you are looking for an electrician, plumber, mechanic, carpenter, or a trained CNC Machining Technician, choosing wisely will result in your project being completed correctly, on time and on budget.

Trades and the Value of Training + Creativity

Most trades require significant training and an apprenticeship to complete, but all trades can benefit from employing a creative thought processes.

Although working environments are becoming increasingly technical and computerized; along with “smart machinery” also comes the need for inventive technicians and engineers who are capable of properly running this machinery in the most effective manner, and using it to it’s full capacity in order to offer clients a wide-spectrum of solutions.

We feel it is important to invest in employees who are interested and creative within the craft of CNC Machining, and we believe it shows in our results.

The Importance of Company Culture

The culture of any company will create the tone of the overall environment people work within. There is a lot to be said for shop culture and project end results, as happy employees make for productive and service oriented employees.

As a family-run business, we treat our staff like family and create a company culture that is a positive working environment. Our emphasis is on solutions, which is recognized with the attention we place on our craftsmanship and end product, and it is both our passion and our pleasure to serve the public.

Absolute Fabrication offers…

Design – whatever your idea, concept, project or prototype needs may be, our drafting and design team have both the AutoCAD and SolidWorks skills to complete it.

Fabrication – in steel, aluminum and stainless steel, offering a variety of finishes and capabilities.

Installation – large or small, our on site installation, assembly or mobile welding services are available to help install any of our fabricated projects.

Metal Processing – our shop is equipped with profile plate burning, shearing, forming, and cutting equipment for one-stop-shop convenience.

At Absolute Fabrication Ltd., we ensure that our CNC Machining skills are a truly at the optimal tradesman level. So allow us to help you bring your idea to life, and ensure your hiring experience is a positive one!