Keep Your Space Cool With a Metal Roof

There’s a 1958 film quote about a “cat on a hot tin roof”, which honestly has nothing more to do with this post other than referencing a rare comment about a “tin roof” and how most people don’t even consider it as an option for their home or place of business.

In most (if not all) of Canada we don’t put a lot of thought into a “tin roof”, but an article by the Globe and Mail a few years back, has introduced “metal roofs” as a good idea – and we couldn’t agree more!

The Long Lasting Nature of a Metal Roof

At Absolute Fabrication, we think a metal roof has excellent aesthetic appeal, not only that – but it can be made to appear any way you choose, while still having all the same benefits.

This long lasting roofing option can be created for everything from a pop-up business, to sheds, to a home – and more, and can be fabricated to appear like metal or wood or shingle-esque. The options are pretty limitless!

The Benefits of a Metal Roof

Aside from the aesthetic appeal a metal roof can offer, there as also environmental benefits, which played a big role in the Toronto Fall Home Show a few years back, displaying what can be done in urban communities around Canada, offering a new design element that literally “tops off” a home.

One of the reasons they are so eco-friendly is because of their long-lasting nature …up to 50 years or more in fact! And as with any steel project/item, they are largely made up of recycled steel, as apposed to asphalt that ends up as a landfill item.

The Cooling Nature of a Metal Roof

Aesthetics and environmental benefits aside, a metal roof also keeps a structure cool, reducing cooling costs by up to 25% during the hot summer months courtesy of it’s reflective nature, as well as the advantage of great ventilation.

A metal roof is an old idea brought back to life again, and one that Absolute Fabrication would love to help be a part of – whether you are a roofing company, a contractor, a home owner, or interested in it as part of your business model; let’s uncover all the styles, benefits and roof models we can help you create, and start making this planet even more “friendly” one environmentally optimal choice at a time!