Laser Cutting vs Hi-Definitions Plasma Cutting

At Absolute Fabrication, we proudly offer hi-definitions plasma cutting. We do not outsource our work, but provide quality, precision workmanship right at our fabrication warehouse.

While “cut quality” can vary in definitions from fabrication company to fabrication company, as well as differ from client to client …laser cutting is often considered a high quality approach to any other cutting method, and we offer laser products to any of our clients who are interested in this technology.

Lasers provide precision cutting, and offer superior part accuracy, delivering cuts at a very high tolerance. On the flip-side …where once cutting machines had a rounded edge, now cutting machines offer high definitions plasma that are capable or reducing the taper or roundness of cuts.

Creating precisions holes with the plasma machinery, can provide near-perfect accuracy with slots or holes, and lasers increase the superior piercing technology outcome.

With our latest machinery, we are able to make two .100 holes per second in .250 mild steel. That is unprecedented technology.

Laser cutting machines are growing in interest within many industries, and fabrication is no exception. With precision being a highly important part of the process, purchasing a laser machine will enable your company to do more work in a shorter time periods. Laser machine can move from one metal to another fairly quickly, as well as handle various thicknesses with a simple change in focus setting…so it is often the simple choice for our customers.

However, as with most things in this world, the choice is not always crystal clear until the desired outcomes are fully discussed. Having this laser option available to use will enhanced your capabilities, but it has not done away with hi-def plasma cutting by any means. If you are a skilled fabricator, the plasma machinery can be effective also, and we pride ourselves with our effective and efficient work with our in-house hi-def plasma machines.

Call Absolute Fabrication today, and let us know how we can quickly and accurately attend to your fabrication needs!