New Decade, New Ways of Doing Business with Steel Fabrication

Businesses are often seeking ways to build their brand and gain exposure, creating positive ways to be seen, heard, utilized, and a valuable part of their community

With a new decade upon us, Absolute Fabrication would like to inform our readers of new ways they can do business with our steel fabrication services in Metro Vancouver, and do all of the above in an earth-friendly, creative manner!

Curious? Allow us to explain…

Steel Fabrication – It’s in the Details

Whether choosing shelving, a checkout counter, backend production solutions, or an entire building itself – steel fabrication has the ability to look, feel and function as you see fit.

From wood grains to colour, sharp angles to soft curves – the potential is endless, and our design team can help you come up with a steel fabrication business solution in Langley and across the Lower Mainland, that suits your needs perfectly!

Steel Fabrication and Sustainability – the Story that Matters in 2020 

Climate change is likely one of the most discussed topics at the end of 2019, remaining as such moving into 2020 – and rightly so. Keeping our planet a healthy shade of green is vital, and we want to be part of the solution!

As a sustainable material, steel is one of the most recycled products on earth; having both a long shelf life as well as recyclable and re-useable qualities, offering your business solution an earth-friendly seal of approval, and giving you confidence in knowing you’re not tearing out trees or damaging the earth. Rather, with steel fabrication solutions, you are removing recycled steel products out of landfills and re-using what is already out there for your businesses growth!

Our Detailed Steel Fabrication Services in Langley Include:

  • High Quality Steel Fabrication + Plate Burning / Profile cutting
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication + Aluminium Fabrication
  • Shearing & Forming + Drafting & Design
  • All Welding Processes
  • Laser Cutting + High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting
  • Manual Machining
  • Prototype Fabrication

Absolute Fabrication is here to help you grow or better manage your business needs in 2020, and we are excited to find the solution or produce the product that will help you do so. 

Feel free to CONTACT US any time for a fabrication or drafting inquiry …we look forward to it!