Show the Planet Some Love with Steel Fabrication this February!

You might not know this, but steel is one of the most sustainable and recycled materials on the planet! Not only that, but it is also highly diverse in structure capabilities and design elements – from stainless steel to galvanized steel, and much more.

With so many various aesthetic appeals that steel offers, along with eco-friendly benefits – not only will you be showing the planet some love with steel fabrication – you will also be showing your business some love!

Here are three main reasons why steel and green design go together.

A Little Bit of Steel – a Whole Lot of End-Results

It doesn’t take a lot of steel materials to create a structure or a business solution – whatever that solution might entail. Whether you’re considering a steel sign for your business, a production table or front-end checkout desk, or an entire building or pop-up business; steel is an incredibly flexible and diverse material to create from, and has the ability to mix decorative and dutiful with ease!

Recycle – Repeat

The other amazing quality about steel, is it’s endless potential to be recycled at any point in its lifespan, without losing any fundamental qualities. From beginning to end to beginning again – steel tops the list as the most recycled material in North America.

From cars to pop cans, structures to signage – steel offers endless opportunities to recycle and repeat, and our steel fabrication shop in Langley is here to help you achieve your steel project as you see fit!

Minimal Manufacturing – Maximum Energy Efficiency 

Since 1960, the energy needed to produce (or re-produce) steel has dropped by over 60%. Add that to the sustainable nature of steel – and you have a winning formula for an energy efficient building material.

Not to mention, there is no damage to the environment when building with steel. Trees stay where they belong, keeping our air clean and our forests beautiful, while also moving excess steel material from landfills to help keep our planet on the right side of climate change.

Curious to know how our steel fabrication shop in Langley might be able to help you? Contact us. We would love to discuss your ideas, and bring it to life on your behalf. We look forward to doing so!