The Collaborative Nature of Structure and Steel


Planning a business complex in Vancouver? Need a new barn structure in Chilliwack? Creating a multi-purpose workshop, storage, or considering being a part of the “tiny house movement” in Langley? Steel is a structurally sound option for all these projects, and Absolute Fabrication is here to help make your design concept a reality!

The Benefits Of Steel Buildings

Some might think of steel as a heavy material in which to build with, unable to facilitate the needs of structures normally comprised of wood. But the advantages of metal buildings are plentiful, and 95% of industrial construction is now made from steel frames.

Even homeowners are looking to pre-fabricated structures for their garages, storage units, workshops, or even carriage houses – using this sturdy method to generate rental income.

The steel advantage is a combination of strength and durability, and the waterproof nature of these buildings – which is a huge bonus in the wetland of the Lower Mainland. Steel simply outlast and outperforms wood-framed buildings. In addition, steel can be surprisingly economical and eco-friendly, offering a lengthy lifecycle and recycle capabilities.

Restaurant Ready

Perhaps it has been your dream to be a part of the Lower Mainland’s restaurant scene, but location and building costs kept you from pursuing this dream. Why not consider a metal fabricated option? Street food vendors are all the rage – not only here but worldwide, so creating a state-of-the-art eatery with low overhead yet sumptuous eats, will have your dream becoming a reality in no time. And with a creatively executed metal structure that is easily transported, you will be a quickly become a dining destination – wherever your location!

Absolute Fabrication is proud to be a family owned business – so we can appreciate the pride and satisfaction that goes into creating a sustainable living. We offer Fabrication Services across the Lower Mainland, using a variety of different materials and deliver on a wide range of structural needs.


Please feel free to contact us any time with your fabrication or drafting inquiry …we always welcome a challenge!