Steel Fabrication – More Than Just Metal

There is often a misconception that steel fabrication offers very limited texture and appeal to an end product, with images of shiny basic metal coming to mind. But the truth is, is that there are many ways to fabricate and finish steel in order to create a variety of end results as the client sees fit. Which is why Absolute Fabrication wanted to share why ‘Steel Fabrication is More Than Just Metal’ ,and help our reading better understand that many finished appeals metal can offer.

Choosing a Metal Finish

As mentioned, there are a variety of ways in which you can finish a metal project. From metal plating to brushed or buff polished metal, as well as sand blasting and powder coating – among others.

Metal Plating – alters the surface of the metal through a chemical bath, which gives is a specific esthetic appeal, and helps with durability, surface friction, and resistance to corrosion.

Brushed Metal – creates a “rough” look to the metal, which can help hide any metal defects present and future, resulting in an even look with more of a matte finish.

Buff Metal Polishing – on the other hand, offers a high gloss, non-textured finish, which is very smooth to the touch and shiny visually.

Sand Blasting – also offers a matte finish and dull texture, and is often used on soft metals to create this specific finish for clients who want to add detail to their steel project.

Powder Coating – gives metal a decorative finish and can create a “wood look”, among many other finished visual appeals, with increased durability as well.

The Benefits of a Metal Finishing

  • Durability and Tarnish Resistance
  • Overall Esthetic Appeal
  • Conductivity
  • Chemical and Electrical Resistance

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