Stepping Up Metal Fabrication Designs

Just when you thought we had reached the limit of our creative abilities …we come back with more!

Metal fabrication is often perceived as an “industrial industry”, but creating beautiful metal designs for residential projects is also quickly becoming a demand for metal fabrication companies.

Design It & They Will Come

Metal and Wood and Fabric – oh my!

Stairs do not need to be comprised of wood or metal only. Adding a stair runner to your metal staircase can offer some beautiful texture to a sleek metal design. Combining traditional with modern is a great way to keep it timeless.

Winde It Up

What is more fun than a winding staircase? Not only does it look incredibly fun, it will have you running up and down the stairs for that very same reason – fun! Whether you choose a dark wood stair with a metal railing, or opt for an all-metal look …once again, the options are limitless – just like the fun.

Wrap It Up

Make a statement in your home without saying a word. A wrap around style staircase keeps your view unobstructed, and adds dimension to an airy-style home. Contrasting wood and metal elements would work nicely with this concept.

Au Naturale

Natural is to 2014 what gaudy was to the 80’s. A whimsical staircase in a “go green” type home would bode quite nicely. Metal made to look like wood vines make for a beautiful railing, bringing the outdoors in – in a modern way.


Pattern Play

Using metal of various finishes can really add a texturized element to a normally straightforward staircase. Layer your designs to create an architectural wonder.


Warmth In Every Step

Some might feel metal would be a cold material from which to build a staircase out of, but by incorporating both wall colour as well as different types of metal colours and finishes, it can actually be a very warm and homey option. Charcoal gray walls and an iron finish to your metal stairs, will offer a bold yet surprisingly warm statement to any entrance.

At Absolute Fabrication Ltd., we want to provide exciting solutions to a variety of residential and commercial projects. Feel free to call or email us with your inquiries …we’re always excited to hear about your challenging projects!