The Reduce Reuse Recycle Nature of Stainless Steel

There is a big push for eco-friendly living and methods of doing business in society today, and at Absolute Fabrication, we’re a big advocate of this ideology. In addition, we are proud to be able to present our customers with 100% recyclable products that are able to be reused, and account for part of the reduction process of waste around in Canada.

Environmental consciousness is not simply a trend worth taking up, but rather an important and necessary step in sustaining optimal life on earth. Whether that be human life, plant life, or animal life …it all plays an integral role in our eco-system and planetary system as a whole.

Did you know stainless steel is 100% recyclable? 

Theoretically, stainless steel is 100% recycled, and has the ability to perform much better than many other structural building materials. It can last for several decades, and is one of the top reasons a lot of individuals and businesses alike choose stainless steel for their building material of choice.

Even if a building structure, design piece or signage is taken down after many years, this material can still be recycled time and again, leaving in its wake virtually no waste. And because stainless steel consists of chromium, nickel and molybdenum, it is highly valuable and easily separated from other materials, making it useable in and for other manners and building options.

Stainless Steel Is Comprised Of…

– 25% recycled scrap metal

– 35% reused metal from waste of new metal products

– 40% addition of new raw material

Even in the case that this material is not recycled, it has no damaging effects on the earth or water if left in a landfill, other than basic environmental clutter.

At Absolute Fabrication, we are proud to be an eco-friendly company providing companies and homeowners alike with building material that is sustainable in many forms. Whatever your project, we would love to hear it, and help you create something that will live on sustainably for years to come!