Trade in the Trees for Green Solutions this Fall!

We’ve said it once and will likely say it a hundred more time; but going green with energy efficient, space saving, solution driven steel structures, is the ideal choice in longevity, budget and marketing capabilities!

In Fact…

Steel is the most recycled material on the planet, and we can’t stop buzzing about just how eco-friendly steel fabrication is.

Whether building a mobile diner out of steel, constructing shelving for your business, or implementing productivity flow solutions – steel is as flexible as it is strong in producing results.

How Recycled Steel Compares to Wood in the “Green” Category

Where it takes in excess of 200 trees to build a 500 square foot structure (which is equal to a five-acre plot of land filled with pine trees), this same sized structure would only require roughly 30 scrap cars to fabricate.

Literally hundreds of years of growth taken down, vs. hundreds of years of planet saving measures by taking corroding vehicles out of landfills and making something useful with the steel. Truly a win win!

Quick Turnaround Time + Installation

The question that might come to mind now is the amount of energy expended in order to produce a steel structure. Which, in short – is short.

Steel fabricated projects can all be designed, fabricated and fully assembled within a timely manner, and without having to deal with multiple industries as we are a one-stop-shop.

Whether you need us to come up with a steel fabrication solution for a workflow problem, or create a specific design and finish on your steel fabrication project, Absolute Fabrication in Langley delivers on all aspects of your product needs and budget requirements.

Absolute Fabrication Offers…

High Quality Steel Fabrication

Plate Burning / Profile cutting

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Aluminum Fabrication

Shearing & Forming

Drafting & Design

Laser Cutting

High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting

Manual Machining

Prototype Fabrication

With endless creative solutions and a qualified design team on hand, we are confident in our high quality results. So feel free to CONTACT US with any fabrication questions you might have, and watch us deliver on our quality promise!