Understanding CNC Machining

Metal fabricated garden signage

At Absolute Fabrication Ltd, we understand that not everyone understands the process of CNC Machining, or what that type of service can offer their business.

Further to this, we feel that solutions can only be provided if people can understand these “solutions”. We want to give you answers before you even have to ask the question, so we thought we would break down our industry for you a little bit, and let you in on the further description of “CNC Machining”.

Steel Fabrication & Technique

Part of CNC Machining, is utilize bending and cutting techniques that offer you a wide selection of metal finished products.

We provide custom cutting of magnetic sheet material, and carving of three-dimensional signs …with the added option of reverse engraving. As well, we have a detailed  “Diamond Drag” engraving system for added detail …among many other steel fabrication designing capabilities.

Steel Fabrication & Corporate Signage

Your company sign is the first focal point your customers will zero in on as a reference point to your place of business. Big or small, fashionable or functional …steel fabricated signs are durable, and can be designed in a numbers of ways to suit your needs.

Steel Fabrication & Store Fixtures 

Creating a commercial space that is set up with custom cabinets and/or countertops, sets the tone for your place of business. Whether it’s form or function you’re after, we can provide you with either (or both) solutions.

Custom engraving of ceiling tiles, logos specialty wracks, flooring or checkout stands will offer you designs and solutions that were made to fit in your space, while standing out to your customers. This all comes together to make your business a place that is referenced to by it’s quality craftsmanship inside, giving your customers confidence that you offer that very same type of quality.

At Absolute Fabrication Ltd, the options and capabilities are plentiful. From fashion to function and everything in-between …we would love to hear of your concept, and look forward to continuing to help companies benefit from our outstanding solutions and workmanship that goes with it.