Understanding Steel Fabrication and High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting

If the components of steel weren’t covered in Science or Shop Class in your high school years, we can offer a refresher!

Steel is created when heat is applied to an amalgam of iron and carbon, and by applying a variety of heating methods to the metal, different characteristics can be applied to the steel, altering both it’s density and overall look.

Steel Knowledge Matters

It takes great skills and training in order to know how to create a tough steel alloy, with a vast knowledge of the SAE grading system. An engineer will apply a specific code to each class of steel, knowing which member of the steel family needs to be addressed in order to bend and mold such steels.

Whether it’s stainless steel, or high-tensile alloys, an engineer must know his details in order to get the details right.

The Non-Tarnish Nature of Stainless Steel

The fact that stainless steel doesn’t tarnish is a great benefit in a building material. Whether it is being used for a massive stairwell for your business, or utilized in construction beams, knowing how to weld these materials to match it’s strength and grade is yet another part of the knowledge necessary for steel fabrication.

Aside from traditional Steel Fabrication, we also offer in-house High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting. This process delivers the highest quality and utmost precision in workmanship, and is accomplished locally from our fabrication facility in Langley.

Our High Definition CNC Plasma cutting table and high-tech electronics software, produces cleaner and more precise cuts than most any other types of cutting systems.

In addition, CNC Plasma cutting is faster than waterjet cutting, giving you incredible precision at a more economical price.

By using the highest quality of machinery that excels in accuracy, acceleration and speed, we can provide you with a finished product of the finest quality. The resulting shapes are smoother than would be possible with standard fabrication, and can include intricate curves, inside cuts, and sharp corners.

At Absolute Fabrication, our Certified Journey Tradesmen will complete your project with precision accuracy and finishing, giving you a top quality product in a timely and budget-friendly fashion.

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