Ways to Help Support Small Businesses & Encourage Customers to Utilize Your Business During Covid-19

Covid-19 has thrown a wrench in businesses across the nation, causing widespread concern for the economy as a whole. However, for those who own their own business –throwing in the towel is not an option.

Now more than ever it is important for our local community to support small businesses. This will minimize the widespread impact to our community and individual business owners, who are our friends, family and neighbours.

So …what are some ‘Ways to Help Support Small Businesses & Encourage Customers to Utilize Your Business During Covid-19’? Allow us to give you a few ideas!

Small Business is Big Business in BC – Show Your Support

Did you know that small businesses make up 98% of the overall business sector in BC?

Such small businesses employ over half the population outside of “big box” businesses. So it goes without saying that our economy relies heavily on small businesses to thrive. They provide many essential services to the communities in which they operate, as well as provide a sense of community for the townships in which they serve.

Increasing our support for small businesses, and encouraging your customers to continue to ‘shop local’, can truly help. When everyone bands together, it’s amazing what we can accomplish – especially during tough times.

Every Purchase Helps Small Businesses Survive

Every purchase matters to a small business, which is why shopping within your local community matters.

Independently owned businesses thrive off of local support. There is no funnel or financial benefits coming in from various locations; often they are a one-location industry. Although the price point might be slightly higher than the big box stores that have the buying power to drive the price down (and small businesses along with them), the service, products and passion to help serve the community is what entrepreneurs behind these small businesses offer.

Curious to see what independently owned businesses are operating in your community? Check out this list of Small Businesses in BC – and give one of them a visit this week!

Make an Online Order: Every Dollar Counts

Not too keen on venturing out during this time? Ordering online is another great way you can support local businesses from the comfort of your own home. Simple, safe and effective.

And while you’re at it – grab a gift card for your next ‘socially distant’ birthday or anniversary gift for friends and family. Every dollar spent helps in supporting small businesses in BC!

Spread the Word: The Power of Reviews

Whether using your favourite social platform to rave about a local company you love, or leaving a Google review directly – customers often don’t realize the power of their reviews.

Reviews are the modern ‘word-of-mouth’. They give a personal experience to a static and somewhat impersonal website.

Sometimes small businesses fear reviews, as they have no control over what people say or the misconceptions a customer may have experienced. However, the general public is much more savvy than one (or more) bad reviews. They often look to see how a company has responded to a review and make up their mind from the interaction vs. the opinion of a customer that perhaps just had a bad day.

So always encourage customers to leave a review – and as a customer, be mindful of leaving one or sharing a positive experience on your social media account. It’s a powerful way to show your support for small businesses in BC.

Are you the owner of a small business in BC? Our steel fabrication company in Langley would love to help provide you with Covid-friendly sanitary steel solutions. Our design team can offer you a wide range of CNC laser cutting designs to meet your needs, and we look forward to having a discussion on how we can do so.

Need financial help for your small business in BC? There are various government grants and loans to offset hiring, training, expansion, technology, innovation costs. Check out this support for entrepreneurs impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus …and then contact Absolute Fabrication on ways we can assist with your metal fabrication solutions!