When Precision is Important – Turn To High-Definition CNC Plasma Cutting

High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting is a cutting method specifically customized for your fabrication project in the most optimal manner possible, delivering the highest quality piece of craftsmanship within the steel fabrication industry.

Why Local Service Equals Quality Results

At Absolute Fabrication, our fabrication facility is conveniently located in Langley – making us a local Lower Mainland steel fabrication company that can handle your projects on site and in sight.

In addition to local convenience, our steel fabrication projects are completed from raw metal materials, expertly converting your project concept into a complete finished product, which can provide your company with a business solution, stylish company enhancement – or a combination of both.

High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting Explained

High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting involves custom fabrication using our cutting table that is equipped with high-tech software, producing an impeccable cut far greater than other types of cutting systems.

CNC Plasma Cutting can provide you with an accurate end-product, and is often produced more quickly, using up less man hours and creating a more budget friendly process.

The Speedy Accuracy of CNC Plasma Cutting

A quick turnaround time for any project is a nice perk, but without accuracy the end-result might not fit your needs properly. Which is why the accuracy and speed of CNC Plasma Cutting is the ideal choice for your steel fabrication project.

CNC Plasma Cutting at our Langley office provides you with a finished product of the finest quality that can include intricate curves, inside cuts, as well as sharp corners. Plus our 8’ x 20’ High Definition CNC Plasma Table can cut from gauge material to ¾” plate with precision accuracy, giving it a near perfect score in the accuracy department.

Offering CNC Plasma Cutting to our customers is just one way Absolute Fabrication is a “cut above” the rest. In addition, we provide Certified Journey Tradesmen who can complete your project with accuracy and within the budget you specify.

So call us today for a quote at 604-888-8842, or fill in our online quote form by . We look forward to finding a solution for your business challenge!