Be Eco-Friendly with Steel Fabrication

Choosing design elements for your company, or building blocks for your business, comes with a lot of thought and consideration – and with mainstream efforts lending themselves more and more to eco-friendly endeavors, it has become a big part of the picture when companies are looking for business solutions, structures and/or interior or exterior upgrades and branding options.

So how is steel eco-friendly and why should businesses opt for such a solution over natural resources? Simple. Steel is the most recycled material available across the globe. Not only is it recycled based on individual choices to do so, but also it is separated from waste with specific magnetic machinery, keeping it out of landfills and vital soil sources.

In addition, steel can be recycled countless times without any loss of strength or durability.

As for natural resources …deforestation is a big concern worldwide, yet with such an abundance of lumber in North America it is often the resource of choice for building materials. But did you know that it takes up to 250 trees for the framing of a 5,000 sq. ft. building? That is equal to five acres of forestland all for one structure.

This same sized building could be constructed from metal with 30-40 recycled scrap cars or other such metal, making you a part of the solution and not the growing concern.

The Strength of Recycled Steel

Steel is increasingly stronger than wood, and requires less time and materials to construct a project. This means you save on time, money, and effort, all while choosing an eco-friendly method of arriving at the end-result.

Also, there is no risk of fire when it comes to steel structures, which lends itself to peace of mind, as well as potential insurance discounts.

The Appeal of Recycled Steel

Fabricated steel offers many styles and finishes, and does not have to appear like a ‘shiny metal box’. There are many options to the exterior appearance of your steel fabricated project, and we would be happy to discuss your options.

We Offer…

  • High Quality Steel Fabrication
  • Plate Burning / Profile Cutting
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum Fabrication
  • Shearing, Forming, Drafting and Design
  • Laser and High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting
  • Manual Machining
  • Prototype Fabrication

At Absolute Fabrication, we pride ourselves in our diverse craftsmanship and ability to create high quality results. So feel free to CONTACT US any time with your eco-friendly fabrication or drafting project inquiry, and we will help you arrive at an end-result you will be proud of!