Choosing Rust-Resistant Steel Fabrication for Your Business

Buying into a business solution that has a short shelf-life due to wear and tear, can seem like a throwaway expense a lot of companies don’t want to take on, which is where ‘Choosing Rust-Resistant Steel Fabrication for Your Business’ comes into play!

The Rust-Resistant Nature of Stainless Steel

It’s common knowledge that steel rusts, but there are ways in which to protect it so that it is rust-resistant, offering a longer shelf life and minimizing cost, while still providing steel solutions for your company.

Although stainless steel isn’t entirely rust proof in it’s natural state, there are ways to prevent rust – including a process known as passivating.

What Is Passivating?

Passivating involves introducing a high level of surface chromium into the steel, allowing for the steel to retain resistance to corrosion and maintain its overall appeal indefinitely without the risk of rust.

What Is Rust?

Simply put – rust is essentially a breakdown of the metal, which leads to corrosion.

However, because you can choose over 150 grades of stainless steel, there are more options for tried and true products – such as steel fortified with higher chromium content that will help to reduce or eliminate the risk of rust.

At Absolute Fabrication, we have the products and solutions to keep your stainless steel in top form, and are here to help you create your end-product, along with prolong the life of your stainless steel project indefinitely.

We offer quality fabrication in steel, aluminum, and/or stainless steels and our shop is expertly equipped with profile plate burning, shearing, forming and cutting equipment. From gauge material to 10” plates, our profile-cutting table can cut any shape and quantity you need. Shearing and forming capacity up to 3/8”.Our HyD MACH S-20 band saw can cut up to 18 1/2” wide, 13” round material or stack material for fast repetitive processing.

If you have been looking for a cost-effective business solution, let us know how we can help by calling our office at any time with your questions …we look forward to serving your needs!