CNC Plasma Cutting – Getting it Right the First Time


As the saying goes: “time is money”, so ensuring you get your steel fabrication project completed correctly the first time is of great importance. Which is why we employ High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting technology at Absolute Fabrication – getting it right the first time!

What Is High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting?

High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting involves custom fabrication using our cutting table that is equipped with high-tech software, producing an impeccable cut far greater than other types of cutting systems.

CNC Plasma Cutting will provide you with an accurate end-product, often being produced more quickly with increased accuracy, and requiring less time to complete – meaning that you will likely benefit also from a more budget-friendly steel fabrication project!

How Accurate Is CNC Plasma Cutting?

CNC Plasma Cutting offers a high level of accuracy, acceleration and speed, providing a smoother finish, including intricate curves, inside cuts and sharp corners.

Our local steel fabrication service in Langley can provide you with CNC Plasma Cutting, delivering a finished product of the finest quality. We utilize an 8’ x 20’ High Definition CNC Plasma Table, which cut from gauge material to ¾” plate with precision, giving it a near perfect score in the accuracy department.

Providing CNC Plasma Cutting to our customers is just one way Absolute Fabrication company is a “cut above” the rest, and with our in-house Certified Journey Tradesmen, as well as design professionals on-site, we are able to maximize all aspects of your projects creation, completing it in minimal time while maximizing your budget in a way that will benefit your company.

Absolute Fabrication is a CWB certified, family owned and run business. We keep our focus on attention to detail, pride ourselves on our diverse craftsmanship, skill set and ability to create high quality products. We offer Fabrication and Welding services on a variety of different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel, with commercial projects ranging from structural to decorative.

So call us today for a quote at 604-888-8842, or fill in our contact page form by clicking here to find out how our CNC Plasma Cutting services can assist your business systems or structural appeal!