Company Buy-In – Creating Corporate Cooperation

When perusing the idea of making a product purchase, it’s important to get all the decision makers on board. In addition, it’s important to take into consideration the people who are going to be working with this new purchase …those you employ to run your equipment day in and day out.

New equipment can mean fast-tracking the production lineup, even if there is some training involved and perhaps cost attached to it, it might be a financial win in the end regardless.

The following key questions can help your company streamline the decision making process, and ensure you are making an informed decision that works for everyone involved with the new equipment in question.

Equipment Purchase Consideration:

–       Financing (our following blog will address some ways to acquire financing)

–       Shipping

–       Installation

–       Maintenance consideration

–       Workflow effects (positive and negative)

–       Is new foundation required to support the new equipment?

–       Is there training necessary for the new equipment?

–       Have you discussed the pending decision with your engineers who will operate this equipment?

–       Does your vendor provide such training?

–       Is special wiring required?

Equipment Purchase Concerns:

–       Do you have access to sound financial backing?

–       Are their any installation concerns? Poor installation can lead to quality concerns and machining problems

–       Are your engineers resistant to using the new equipment? Resistant participants could mean reduced productivity

If everyone is not fully on board with this buying decision, the productivity and breakdowns can be significant. So ensuring everyone understands the financial benefits, the productivity changes and the installation and maintenance requirement, this new acquisition could be the best decision you have ever made for your business.

At Absolute Fabrication, we are here to help individuals and businesses alike with the end product of their chosen fabrication project …but along the way, there are fabrication buying decisions companies might look to us for and we are happy to help!