Create a Pop-Up Business with Steel Fabrication!

Have you always dreamed of opening up a hotdog stand, a jewelry kiosk, or some other form of business but are struggling with storefront costs and capabilities? Steel fabricated structures are a quick and easy way to create a pop-up business and make your dreams reality!

Building With Steel

One might think of steel as the material used for bridges or bike racks, but the reality is – steel can be fabricated into any form. In fact, 95% of industrial construction is actually created from steel, as it is affordable, durable and quick to construct.

Generate Income with a Steel Structure

Perhaps you have always wanted a “man shed” to create your woodworking designs, but the standard structures out there simply don’t suit your needs; a custom made steel fabricated “shed” could be your solution. Plus, with our design team on hand, you will be able to truly get exactly what you what for the function you need it for.

Or perhaps you have seen all the various food trucks popping up around the Lower Mainland and you have an inner chef waiting to emerge and divulge all your family recipes. Steel fabrication can help with the inner working of a food truck, and bring your tasty ideas to an actual reality, making your mobile dining ideas a destination to be discovered!

Steel structures are one of the most recyclable materials you can build with, offering an additional marketing tool to promote your sustainable pop-up store.

Don’t let your dreams fade into the background because you simply think it’s not an affordable option or a doable process. We pride ourselves at offering creative solutions, and would love to help you arrive at one.

At Absolute Fabrication, we are proud to be a family owned business, and we respect the pride and satisfaction that goes into generating your own source of income. We offer Fabrication Services across the Lower Mainland, using a variety of steel and delivering on a wide range of structural needs.

Please feel free to contact us any time with your fabrication or drafting inquiry …we always welcome a challenge!