Decorative Steel Fabrication Solutions

When building or renovating a home or business, many factors are taken into consideration. From eco-friendly design elements, to the general function capabilities of the project, to the type of material being used to construct or create accent features within, amidst a myriad of other individual needs and wants.

Metal – More Than a Modern Choice

Metal has become an increasingly popular choice for both construction material as well as modern focal points. Whether steel fabrication is being used to construct sturdy open-concept office desks and shelving units, or is being shaped into a descending spiral staircase, or designed into a circa 1940’s bar fixtures and wracks, or used to create simple company signage …the ideas, durability and recycled versatility of steel is immense.

Perhaps your company would like to have a custom engraved reception desk as a lead in to your office, or desires the company logo to be embossed on all your restaurant tables. Or perhaps, as a homeowner, you are looking to install metal flooring over the traditional wood planks. Or perhaps you are a home-based chef and could benefit from a sterile metal kitchen cooking area …at Absolute Fabrication the options are limitless, and the capabilities are plentiful.

Absolute Fabrication Offers

  • Custom bending and cutting on a wide variety of metals
  • Custom cutting of magnetic sheet material
  • Custom carving of three-dimensional signs
  • Reverse engraving
  • Custom “Diamond Drag” engraving
  • Store fixtures
  • Custom cabinets or countertops that match your industry needs
  • Custom engraving of: ceiling tiles, logos, specialty wracks, flooring or checkout stands that stand out
  • Trade show displays

No idea is too vast for us to consider with our CNC machining and fabrication capabilities, and we would love to hear your ideas and help you come up with a creative solution.

Contact us today, and allow us to create your vision of tomorrow!

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