The Easy Addition of a Steel Space

Adding on to your business can come in many forms. Whether choosing to expand your online presence or physically adding on to your actual space …which is where we come in to tell you about “The Easy Addition of a Steel Space”!

The Cost Effective Nature of a Steel Expansion

Creating added space with steel is likely more doable and cost effective than you might think. With the flexibility of a steel addition, you have a variety of interior and exterior options to choose from, all of which can be pre-fabricated and then quickly assembled so as to not disrupt any regular work hours or flow to your business. An excellent solution for those looking to expand their business without any hassle, downtime, or high costs associated with either.

Consider a Steel Mezzanine for Added Function

One of the ways to created added interior space without having to actually build on to your structure, is to implement a steel mezzanine into the inside of your business mainframe. In doing so, you can immediately create an elevated space for storage, an in-house office location, display options, added processing abilities, or a functional shopping area.

Not only is this a quick and convenient way to add to your interior space, but also offers you a portable option that is capable of moving as needed.

Getting Creative with Your Steel Mezzanine

Not only can this steel structure provide logistical solutions, it can also add to your interior space and create a whole new dimension to your store – such as an in-house coffee shop for customers.

Regardless of if you run an office space or a retail location, coming up with creative additions to set yourself apart from the competition is always a good idea, and having a coffee shop right in your building structure is truly a stroke of genius!

At Absolute Fabrication, we offer a team of highly skilled designers and steel fabrication staff who can design, create, and erect your structure in minimal time, within the budget you specify. We are capable of creating an addition you likely didn’t even know was possible within your office, retail or restaurant location, and are ready to help when you are ready to add a steel addition to your space!