Eco-Friendly Building Options for 2016

Moving towards more energy-efficient, eco-friendly building options for 2016 is an imperative part in keeping up to government and consumer expectations of businesses. Which is why, at Absolute Fabrication we are pleased to have always presented our customers with the most recycled material on the market – steel.

Steel has the ability to be recycled time and again, without ever losing it’s property value, yet while still having the ability to construct beautiful buildings and structure solutions.

Did You Know…

It takes 200-250 trees to frame a 5,000 sq. ft. building? That is equal to five acres of our Canadian pine forestland.

Alternately, the same sized building could be constructed from the steel of 30-40 recycled scrap cars. Put’s a new spin on the word “driving force” for your business!

The Strength of Eco-Friendly Steel

Not only is steel a much more eco-friendly option, it is also much stronger than wood, and requires less time and materials to build your construct of choice. This lends itself to time saving measures, cost saving endeavors, and eco-friendly results.

The Fire Resistant Nature of Steel

Steel is a non-combustible, meaning that the risk of your structure catching fire is pretty much nil, also lending itself to a more affordable and safety driven insurance rate.

The Insulated Benefits of Steel

By insulating your steel structure properly with insulation such as spray foam, it delivers a quick and easy way to ensure you are savings on heating and cooling costs. These combined savings will add up year after year, adding to your overall revenue.

Absolute Fabrication Offers…

High Quality Steel Fabrication

Plate Burning / Profile cutting

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Aluminum Fabrication

Shearing & Forming

Drafting & Design

Laser Cutting

High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting

Manual Machining

Prototype Fabrication

With our ample creative solutions backed by our qualified design team, we pride ourselves in our diverse craftsmanship and ability to create high quality results. So feel free to CONTACT US for your fabrication or drafting project inquiry for 2016, and acquire the results you desire quickly and affordably!