The Efficient Nature of Steel Structures

Steel structures have the capacity to efficiently use space to its optimal extent. Because steel columns can be fabricated in a slender manner, they minimize the building mass, while maximizing the building space within. In addition, being able to integrate HVAC systems into structural spaces, allows for the reduction of floor-to-floor heights, once again optimizing space.

Concrete columns take up to 75% more floor space than that of a structural column, and with structural steel – you are able to create longer spans that eliminate intermediate columns. This allows for open floor plans that a lot of homeowners and businesses are looking for.

Steel & Parking Structures

Parking structures can also benefit from the very same steel columns and longer spans, as steel once again allows for more space and less building material.

Structural steel framing systems for parking structures will typically span 60 feet, allowing for multiple parking bays without intervening columns. In fact, parking garages made from steel frames can provide more for less – with material used, time spent, and cost incurred.

With space saving measures being a prime concern for a lot of corporations, structural steel offers a solution to many structural considerations, while still providing results that pay off far beyond other options.

The Reliability of Steel Structures

At Absolute Fabrication, our structural steel is fabricated and manufactured under controlled conditions. The strength of the steel can be verified before it is placed into the frame of the building. Structural steel is shop fabricated to close tolerances, which is impossible for site cast materials. So structural steel is able to deliver on quality assurance, leaving little to no room for guesswork or error.

Readily Available Resource

The structural steel industry has resources available to them that are renewable and longstanding. By using steel, you are not taking limited resources from the earth that require years to renew, but are choosing a method of building your structure that leaves less of an impact on the planet.

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