Fabrication – Honing the Craft

“Back in the day” many fathers’s offered the knowledge of their craft abilities to their sons. Whether that craft was carpentry, electrical, plumbing, mechanics …or the likes of these various trades. The tools of their trade were passed down from generation to generation, and this often became the family career of choice.

Today, career options are limitless. So there are fewer and fewer skilled tradesmen …or at least, skilled in the way they once were. No longer is knowledge passed down from years of on-the-job training with the “old man”. Instead, they are learned in an educational institution, where often there is not enough time or manpower to show each student the “tricks of the trade”.

Any seasoned veteran knows there are always “tricks” …or alternate methods of doing something quicker or better.

That being said, fabrication equipment is becoming increasingly computerized requiring less specialized skills. Today there are more button-pushers who often get bored of the trade doldrums after a few short months, and don’t have the opportunity to learn the true craft behind the process of the machine they are manning.

Ideally, your staff is comprised of invested employees. People who are actually interested in the craft of machinery and the end product they are producing. From engineers to design staff, button pushers to managements …if individuals have the opportunity to have a say in their workday and the desired outcome, they are often more effective and attentive employees.

At Absolute Fabrication, we aim to maintain a high morale within our shop culture, which in turn, helps the bottom line of how our products are produced and finished in a timely fashion. More attention is places on the craftsmanship of the end product, and less concern is had for when the day will end, as staff members have the opportunity to take a keen interest in their projects and the workmanship they are providing.

Although crafts and trades might not be passed down from generation to generation as they once were, that does not mean these types of career choices need to become “institutional”. There is much pride that can be taken in any craft you employ, and we feel it is our honor to – not only supply our clients with a prized product – but also to instill in our employees, the value of having a hand in the finished result.

Know that, Absolute Fabrication doesn’t simply get the job done …we get it done with enthusiasm and a true desire to see our projects come to life from concept to completion!