Fenced In


Old-school fences have had their day in the sun. You know the kind we’re talking about …white picket sorts. Today, with so many faux wood and metal fencing options, there is no need to get fenced in with ye old “white picket” version.

At Absolute Fabrication Ltd., we know that our customers appreciate options, and with them – solutions – and we’re never short on either!

A lot of custom residential homes don’t simply want to hit up their local Home Depot for the latest in chain-link fencing. Rather, they want custom designs and specialized finishes.

Gone are the days of sanding and painting your wooden fence every few years. With metal fencing, every season you can just power wash it to a “like-new” finish, and get your summer started without hours of toil.

Whether you want to fence in a large property, or design a custom metal entrance way fence, there are many metal options to choose from when it comes to fencing.

As with the interior of your home, the exterior should also boast of your personality and design elements that make a statement all your own. No need to copy the Jones’ next door, call us to concoct a specialty design that your neighbours will be inquiring about at your next neighbourhood BBQ. Be the focal point in your neighbourhood, not the follower.

From metal fencing for your patio, to beautiful stairwells, to decorate garden fences, to outdoor structures of all kinds, to opulent entranceway fences …as we mentioned – the options and design concepts are limitless.

We can help you create and design your idea from concept to completion. Our drafting and design team not only has the AutoCAD and solid works skills, but the experience to help you with your design, and offer creative solutions for your ideas.

Quality fabrication made from steel, aluminum, and various stainless steels. Our skilled tradesmen are experienced in all areas of metal fabrication from custom light gauge work to heavy steel beams or plate.

Large or small, our on site installation, assembly, or mobile welding services are available to help install any of our fabricated projects.

So whatever your need …give us a call. We’re sure to have the solution!