Green Building Solutions for Fall

“Green” initiatives are not going out of style any time soon. In fact, they are increasingly becoming part of business mandates via the government, making green building solutions an excellent idea to consider to stay ahead of the game.

As an earth-friendly company that offers sustainable ways to build your business, as well as a full-range of creative and design services, our drafting and design team is ready to help collectively come up with green building solutions for your home or business this fall – and we are excited to take on the task!

Reduce Reuse Recycle – More Than Just a Good Slogan 

Those little blue bins are no longer big enough to solve the recycling problem we’re facing – not only in Canada, but worldwide. Which is why finding new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle should play an important part when considering building solutions.

Imagine being on the cutting edge of green building initiatives. We can …and would love to help you imagine with us!

Steel Fabrication Fun Facts…

Did you know it takes 200 trees to build a 500 square foot space? That same amount of space only requires 60 scrap cars to build, helping to keep trees firmly planted in the ground where they belong, and getting unwanted vehicles out of scrap yards too.

Sustainable living and ways of doing business HAS to evolve if we are going to ensure our air quality here in Canada remains pure. We all need to make a conscious effort in order to do so, and Absolute Fabrication would love to be a part of our collective sustainable solutions.

With the Amazon forest tragically burning like never before, we need very real-time solutions to ensure our ozone layer slows down it’s growing depletion – if not find ways to eradicate destroying it altogether.

We would love to offer you green building solutions for your home of business this fall, and can provide you with cost-effective, earth-friendly ways of building a structure or creating a business solution – making you an active part in the process.

Let us know how we can help by calling our office at any time with your questions …we look forward to serving your needs and serving our planet at the same time!