Health & Safety Practices in BC: How to Sanitize Your Steel

Business across BC and around the globe have been vigilant at sanitizing their space in order to protect the health of their employees and customers alike. Which is why we believe this blog regarding ‘Health & Safety Practices in BC: How to Sanitize Your Steel’ will come in handy for our readers – regardless of the type of industry you’re in.

Find the Right Disinfectant for Your Steel

A recent study from the National Institute of Health, said that Covid-19 could last up to three days on surfaces such as stainless steel. This makes the disinfectant process highly important, and finding the right disinfectant for your steel equally so.

Note that you should be aware of substances that may be abrasive to stainless steel, or that streak in general. This can cause your steel products to appear dirty or unsightly, so invest wisely with this list of disinfectants effective against Covid-19.

Use the Right (Safe) Process for the Job

When repeatedly cleaning any surface, you are also repeatedly breathing in the fumes or disinfectant spray yourself. So ensure you are using PPE such as face shields, gloves, goggles and gowns, doing so each time you disinfect your space – depending on the nature of the cleaning product.

Also, ensure you use a soft cloth on stainless steel. Steel brushes can lead to scratching, or can even rust your stainless steel products, so such things should be avoided.

A soft cloth, sponge or a gentle brush will offer the right results without any or the wear and tear, while still getting the job done effectively.

When in Doubt – Simplify the Cleaning Process

Overall, stainless steel surfaces can easily be cleaned with hot water and soap. However, if you want to add in safety measures and precautions for every possible germ – the above solutions mentioned will provide such results.

Regardless of your approach and solutions used, be sure to always wipe your steel in the direction of the grain. As well, rinse off disinfectants with fresh warm water, and then dry it with a clean lint-free towel.

If you are looking for steel solutions for your business that can increase your Covid-19 safety measures – Absolute Fabrication would be happy to help. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs any time. We are a local Langley company, and actively support our local community at large!