How To Keep Your Metal Structure Cool This Summer

Whether you have created a bench, a bar, fencing, shelving, stairs, a boat dock… or an entire structure out of steel – or plan to – keeping it cool during the sunny summer months will likely be of high importance to you. Which is why we want to explain ‘How To Keep Your Metal Structure Cool This Summer’!

Bring Back the Tin Roof

As much as one might think a metal roof would create a hot inner-core of a structure, the opposite is actually true. A reflective roof helps to send most of the sun’s UV rays skyward. Where regular roofing materials actually create a warming effect, both within the home as well as within urban areas as they absorb the heat and elevate the temperatures, instead of reflect them like a metal roof will. A win for your space AND the surrounding area!

Ensure Your Metal Structures Are Covered

Perhaps you have had a metal bar or benches made for your outdoor space, any type of metal structure that will come into contact with humans should have some form of covering or coating to keep it cool.

Whether utilizing nature as a means for shade, or having an awning or metal canopy constructed, there are many ways to keep your steel fabrication project shaded, cool and sunshine friendly all summer long!

Consult With a Metal Fabrication Specialist

If you are considering having a steel fabrication project completed, Absolute Fabrication is a locally owned Langley business that is family owned and operated. We are here to ensure your business solution is working for you, and will help you with your concept, provide you with design, and deliver your project to you within the timeframe and budget you want to work within.

Or, if you already have a steel structure and need further steel fabrication solutions to help with the summer heat – such as the aforementioned metal awning, we can help with that too, and are here to answer all the questions you might have.

So give us a call, drop us an email, or stop by the shop …we look forward to chatting with you about further ways on How To Keep Your Metal Structure Cool This Summer – or any other question you may have!

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