To Buy or Not To Buy

Buying new machining equipment for your fabrication company is often a conundrum …and a pricey consideration at that.

You have to have good reason or additional upcoming projects to justify your purchase, and then you have to select the correct vendor in which to buy from.

It is likely you have a history with whomever you have purchased from previously, so your concern is now narrowed down to the equipment and accessories associated with that equipment.

Today, the marketplace is quite competitive with brands, and the types of machining solutions they offer. However, there are four simple questions that seem standard yet helpful, in asking, in order to narrow down your choices.

Depending on your needs for this new machinery, you will want to know the size of the equipment you require. Secondly, and again – based on your core project base – you will need to know the capabilities within that equipment, or the needs you will require of it. Thirdly you will want to know the productivity of the tools available to the new equipment, and lastly – the control capability of the equipment.

Whether it is a turning machine, or a milling machine …the project and outcome of these types of machines will -of course- differ. Newer types of machines are capable of both (turning and milling), but often they do one better than the other. In addition, if they offer both capabilities, they often cost more. So if you do not require both capabilities, it is best to choose a machine that you will utilize most.

Benefits vs. cost, optimal usage vs. outsourcing projects you aren’t capable of fully completing …these things need to be considered.

Size ranges also pertain to your project base, and how much volume you need to complete. If you have large volume overhead, a smaller less expensive machine could cost less initially, but more in the long run if you have to constantly replace small parts because the machine is constantly overtaxed.

Knowing what controls you need, and having someone who has the ability to maximize these controls, should to go hand-in-hand also. So buying something everyone is familiar with it an important factor.

Productivity is going to give you the most for your money, thus understanding what productivity tools the machinery contains, will save you both time and money overall. If you are a growing business -which ideally you are- you want to make sure your purchase in question can grow with you also.

At Absolute Fabrication, we provide services that run smoothly, and products that do the same. Allow us to help you maximize your machining with products that payoff!