Modern Improvements with Old-School ‘Tools of the Trade’

The way we do business has greatly changed over the last 50+ years, and continues to change even more quickly with each passing year. With technology playing a big part on these changing processes, it is important that both new and established businesses stay on top of the growth cycle in order to stay current with their competition. Which is where understanding Modern Improvements with Old-School ‘Tools of the Trade’ can help you move forward without losing some of those ageless “old-school” elements that simply never go out of style.

Computers Can’t Compete with Genuine Craftsmanship

Although we rely a great deal on our machinery to produce beautiful and functional steel fabrication projects for our clients, there are still trade secrets and a keen eye for craftsmanship that goes into steel fabrication. And as a family owned and operated business, our tools are not just technical – they are a family trade.

Trades have often been a skill passed down through the generations, allowing learned skills to harmonize with an innate skill set. Which Absolute Fabrication holds in high regard, bringing our genuine craftsmanship together beautiful with our steel fabrication skills for our customers.

Although our machinery can produce precision, it is also within the idea phase where true genius happens, and we are proud to offer genuine care in all facets here at our Langley Steel Fabrication location.

Absolute Fabrication – a Cut Above the Rest

At Absolute Fabrication & Machining Ltd. we have been helping our customers create and design their ideas from concept to completion for a long time. We take your concept, project or prototype, draft and design your idea through our AutoCAD and/or Solid Works system, and then take our real-time knowledge and creative expertise to implement solutions for your business.

We offer quality fabrication in steel, aluminum, and stainless steels, tackling everything from custom light gauge work to heavy steel beams or plate. In addition, we provide onsite installation, assembly and mobile welding services to ensure your final product is set up correctly.

Simply stated, we aren’t just a steel fabrication facility, we are a family of skilled tradesmen and designers who appreciate modern improvements, without having lost that “old-school” know-how …and are endlessly excited to help our customers improve their business with our services!