Steel Buildings Are Green Buildings


Did you know that steel is the most recycled material available worldwide?  Electro magnets separate steel from waste and the same steel be recycled countless times without any loss of strength or durability.

Much uproar is given to deforestation around the world, but with such an abundant natural resource of lumber in North America, often times it is the go-to resource for building materials.

However, it takes 200-250 trees for the framing of a 5,000 sq. ft. building, equaling five acres of forestland robbed of pine – or whatever type of tree might be chosen to build with.

This same sized building could be constructed from metal with 30-40 recycled scrap cars, creating a true “driving force” behind your business!

Steel Strength

Frankly stated, steel is increasingly stronger than wood, and requires less time and materials to construct a project, providing cost savings along with eco-friendly endeavors.

In addition, steel is a non-combustible, which means the risk for fire of your actual structure is pretty much nil, also often meaning you have a reduced insurance rate.

Add to your insurance savings the savings on heating and cooling costs if you insulate your building properly, and these combined savings will add up year after year.

Steel Appeal

It should also be noted that steel does not need to look like steel. There are many options to the exterior appearance of your structure, and we would be happy to explain those to you.


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