The Function and Fashion of Steel

Stainless steel does not need to only contain one shade of grey. It can be as flashy, dull, plated or dented -among others finishes- as you desire.

Every project requires a different look and feel to it, representing the individual or company it is slated for. As such, there are a myriad of finishes we can create for your stainless steel project.

Stainless steel is also referred to as “inox steel” in our industry, and contains chromium – which lessens the likelihood of rusting. That is why stainless steel is such a prevalent choice for many projects that have the potential to rust.

As discussed in one of our previous blog posts, stainless steel is neither completely rustproof nor stain-proof. Regardless – it still offers some really interesting finishing capabilities, and is less likely to become effected by weather and other elements.

There are a lot of technical terms that can go along with the process of finishing metal, but describing the outcome is usually of most interest.

Leading up to the finishing process, there is a process whereby the steel is rolled to size and thickness, and then “annealed” to change the property of the materials final outcome.

Once that process has taken place, a final finish is applied to create the desired look for each project and individual desire.

The most popular finish is cold rolled stainless steal, which is treated (annealed, pickled and passivated) and then passed though highly polished rollers – creating a highly polished finish.

In addition, a brushed finish is also often requested, giving the metal a less shiny and more “dull” or flat appearance.

Other finishes include:

  • Bright annealed
  • Coarse abrasive
  • Brushed
  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Mirror
  • Reflective
  • Bead blast
  • Heat colored

Finishes do not only alter or improve the look of the steel, they also provide additional protection to the product. Protection against such things as wetness, corrosion, tarnish, wear, chemicals, electrical conductivity, as well as controls surface friction.

Sometimes, these processes can even restore the products original state, or is used to salvage or refinish a project.

Whatever the desired look for your steel, or your individual needs for the finished properties of your project, Absolute Fabrication is here to handle them and address your concerns. Call us and let us know how we can do so!