Steel Stair Design in Vancouver: The Multi-Faceted Talents of Absolute Fabrication!

At Absolute Fabrication, we have had the privilege of fabricating a wide-range of product, including Steel Stair Design in Vancouver. From traditional use for large-scale projects, to modern metal and timber floating stairs for a more custom appeal; the end-result is unlimited!

Absolute Fabrication Steel Stair Design in Vancouver

We have had the opportunity to build a variety of stairs for different clients throughout the Lower Mainland. We displayed one of our videos showing the final stages of installation, as seen here. This project was finished with solid wood planks, delivering the aforementioned custom appeal.

That being said, beyond the esthetic beauty of these stairs in particular, steel stairs offer several benefits due to the unique properties of steel as a construction material. Some such advantages include:

  1. Strength
  2. Durability
  3. Customizable Options
  4. Fire Resistant Properties
  5. Eco-Friendly Material
  6. Easy to Maintain
  7. Cost-Effective
  8. Overall Safety
  9. Seismic Benefits
  10. Indoor/Outdoor Versatility
  11. In-House Design & Installation

It’s important to note, that while our services pertaining to Steel Stair Design in Vancouver offers numerous benefits, your choice of materials should be based on the specific requirements of your project. This includes everything from budget to design preferences, intended use and location of stairs.

We are happy to help you with your buying decisions, and discuss our design and creation capabilities!

The Multi-Faceted Talents of Absolute Fabrication

As mentioned on our services page

At Absolute Fabrication & Machining Ltd. we can help you create & design whatever your idea, concept, project or prototype needs may be. Our drafting & design team not only have the AutoCAD and solidworks skills, but the experience to help you with your design, and help create solutions for your ideas.

Our customers come to us for expert metal processing services in Langley and across the Lower Mainland, with a longstanding reputation within the community for quality craftsmanship and relationships.

We would be thrilled to help you with your project, and discuss your vision at any time!

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