Which Steel Fabrication Projects You Should Begin Before Spring?

Absolute Fabrication provides a variety of CNC projects for our customers that don’t necessarily have a pre-season agenda. However, there are a variety of steel fabrication projects you should consider starting before spring, which we want to share.

Which Steel Fabrication Projects You Should Begin Before Spring?

Having various steel fabrication project completed previous to spring matters when it comes to the following:

  1. Gates & Fencing: Fabricating custom steel fencing or gates for residential or commercial properties is something many property owners wish to add to enhance their outdoor space – we can help.
  2. Outdoor Art Structures: Artistic steel sculptures or installations for outdoor spaces, such as parks or private gardens, is also a popular seasonal project we are here to design and build.
  3. Boat Docks and Ramps: Steel boat docks or ramps are also an important project to be completed before the boating season sets sail.
  4. Structural Renovations: Seeking a structural steel renovations or additions to your buildings?  From balcony creations to creating new entrances, having your project designed, and applying for the permits, all can take a significant amount of time that should begin sooner than later.

Other Season-Specific Steel Fabrication Projects Include:

  • Pergolas and Gazebos
  • Grill Stations and Fire Pit
  • Bicycle Racks

Absolute Fabrication is here to provide the design and fabrication services for your project according to your budget and timeline.

Langley Steel Fabrication Services

As mentioned on our services page

Our shop is equipped with profile plate burning, shearing, forming, & cutting equipment. From gauge material to 10” plate our profile cutting table can cut any shape and quantity you need. Shearing and forming capacity up to 3/8”.Our HyD MACH S-20 band saw can cut up to 18 1/2” wide, 13” round material or stack material for fast repetitive processing.

If you are seeking steel fabrication services in Langley or the surrounding areas, Absolute Fabrication is ready to help in the coming year, ensuring you are well-equipped for the season ahead!

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