Steel vs. Wood Construction

When it comes to construction, understanding your options is important – and two of the most common construction materials used is steel and wood (with the third being cement). Each has their own visual characteristics, as well as structural capabilities and appeal, which includes durability, lifecycle and sustainability.

At Absolute Fabrication in Langley, we want to break down the differences between these two popular construction materials, and help you make the right decision for your building needs.

The Benefits of Wood Construction 

By volume, wood can be lighter than steel, with a lot of west coast structures being built from such material – unlike the east coast, which largely utilizes brick in their building materials. Because wood is a popular choice in construction, it makes it easier to find people to build from this material when working with wood. As well, you can have prefabricated structures created, which can be painted or stained any colour you see fit, delivering a fairly vast architectural capabilities too.

The Benefits of Steel Construction

Steel is a highly durable product that can withstand various temperatures and seasons. In addition, it is sustainable and recyclable, with the convenience of having your steel structure created off-site with a relatively quick turnaround time. Because it is lightweight – piece by piece, it is also fairly easy to assemble, and Absolute Fabrication offers welding service to ensure the job is done right.

As we’ve written about on a few occasion, it takes far less recycled cars to create the same space as hundreds of forested trees, so the environmental impact is actually the opposite – steel structure take waste out of landfills and turns it into something useful.

Steel also scores points in LEED rating systems due to its recycled nature, but there is of course energy required to product steel structures – which you can counter with the sustainable nature of steel.

Reducing our carbon footprint is something both consumers and governments are now looking at and taxing, so being part of the solution will have you one step ahead of the carbon footprint game.

If you’re considering a steel structure for your business, give us a call to inquire about our steel construction possibilities, including design and welding services as needed.

We look forward to working with you, helping you better understand the designs, finishes and timelines for a steel structure or business solution product.