Steel vs Wood Structures – What You Should Know

Structural construction is bustling across the Lower Mainland, and Absolute Fabrication would like to help business owners and homeowners alike decide which material is best suited for their building project.

Whether you are looking at constructing a multi-purpose space for your business, or a she-shed for your home – we can help!

Here are a few things you should know about steel vs. wood structures to help you decide.

Steel vs. Wood – How Does the Cost Stack Up?

Upon immediate cost comparison of steel vs. wood structures, wood will come in at a lower price point. However, that doesn’t mean the eventual costs will remain lower.

Depending on the use of your structure, other things to consider include – longevity, structural appeal, fireproofing, deterioration and more. Overall, a steel structure will stand the test of time and fare much better through various seasons and weather conditions.

Pre-engineered steel structures are an excellent alternative to wood construction and are well-worth having a discussion about to fully understand the difference in cost and longevity.

Structural Strength and Durability

Both wood and steel can hold their own when it comes to structural strength. However, in the damp conditions we live in here on the west coast, durability is a different matter entirely.

Also, a small detail but one worth mentioned, is that because steel structures are put together with screws over nails, this too adds to the sound nature of the structure itself.

Materials used also add up and can cause access waste when dealing with wood. Steel, on the other hand, is formed and fitted to be exact, with all the measurements and fabrication processes in place before erecting to ensure an end product that leaves nothing behind.

Building Timeframes for Steel vs. Wood Structures

There are various steps and many hands that go into building a wooden structure, with on-site construction and the labour costs involved in that.

Steel is a prefabricated process and made entirely in our Langley steel fabrication shop, with our welders on-hand to erect the structure once complete, making steel a quick, efficient and cost-effective method for building, start to finish.

Steel is also highly customizable, allowing you a lot more room for design elements and finishes. The misconception might be that steel will appear “shiny” and too modern, but in reality – you can fashion steel to appear much like wood, with a lot of colours and textural finishes to suit the aesthetic outcome you desire.

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