Step Aside


When one thinks of CNC Machining, or Metal Fabrication as a whole, a staircase is not often the first thing that comes to mind.

However, modern design is now embracing a variety of different materials to construct stairs as well as railings, and metal staircases and railings are right up with there in trending design.

Whether it’s an entrance piece you want others to admire upon first entering your home, or a way to add additional storage …stairwells are a vast and varied bunch.

Stairs & Railings …Of All Shapes & Sizes


The Concealment Staircase

Creating stairs that offer storage beneath them, is both practical as well as can offer a beautiful backdrop. With simple white paneling as your containment of choice, you can build a base beneath your home’s stairs that looks fresh and flush with the rest of your walls.


The Sculptured Staircase

Who says your staircase can’t be a work of art? By implementing either an ornate metal railing that coils as it rises, or opt for a metal staircase with elements of wood also, there are many methods in which to design stairs for your home that artists-gone-by would be proud to walk upon.


The “Go Big or Go Home” Staircase

Another emerging trend are large plank-style stairs without railings. This clean-lined stairwell offers a contemporary twist to a traditional method from which to get from point A to B. Whether you choose brushed metal or a beveled design – we have many metal finishes to choose from.


The Grand Staircase

If traditional is your theme of choice, this gentle giant is one that starts small at the top, and slops down into a grand foyer type feel. An excellent choice for an equally grand metal railing.


Side-by-Side Staircase

Having your staircase tucked away to the side, can offer your entrance more room to roam while still providing lots of options as it pertains to design. From funky metal railings, to sleek fabricated stairs …the options are a “side dish” of many flavours.


At Absolute Fabrication Ltd., we don’t simply offer traditional metal fabrication projects, rather we aim to work with each of our clients, thinking outside the box and creating metal works of art you’ll want to buzz about to your Pinterest page!


Be sure to check out our next blog post for more staircase design options…