Why Sustainable Building Materials Matter

In a world where carbon taxes are now part of our living expenses, the health of our environment has now reached a level where the government is compelled to step in to help sustain – or ideally, regain, a planet that will provide flourishing agricultural land and living spaces for generations to come.


Although many might think gas emissions from automobiles and pollution from mass industries are the problem – there’s more to the story.


Understand the Impact of Building Materials

Did you know that infrastructure takes up nearly 50% of our natural resources – including lumber, minerals, water and energy? Which is why finding sustainable building materials matters, and being educated on which materials those are will help to begin the change needed.


Discover Sustainable Building Materials

Using recycled and durable building materials for construction, is one of the best ways to tackle the consumption of natural resources. And there are many forms of such building materials out there – some of which include:


Recycled Steel– we won’t lie; this is one of our favourites, and it is an enormously popular building material involved in green building initiatives. Because it’s a building product that already exists, and can be used in building homes, businesses, and structural elements such as beams and girders, it offers immediate sustainable qualities.


In fact, as few as 6-recycled cars can deliver enough recycled steel for a 2000 square foot home or business, and saves our planet 75% of the normal energy costs over using new steel products.


Bamboo– is another popular natural material used in everything from towels to sheets to homes and other such structural elements. Because it grows very quickly, it is an excellent building option as well.


Precast Concrete, Reclaimed Wood & Plant-Based Polyurethane– are all recycled or sustainable materials that can be used for construction too, adding additional options to business owners and homeowners alike.
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