The Quick Turnaround and Accuracy of CNC Plasma Cutting

At Absolute Fabrication, we use High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting in order to best customize your fabrication project, and ensure the highest quality end-result and precise workmanship.

Our fabrication facility in Langley manufactures projects from raw metal materials, and the finished product delivers a variety of outcomes and personalized appeal, not simply offering a function – but also a finish that is to your choosing.

What Is High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting?

High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting is a custom fabrication capability whereby we utilize our cutting table that is equipped with high-tech electronics and software, producing cleaner and more precise cuts than many other types of cutting systems.

CNC Plasma Cutting is faster than a Waterjet Cutting System, which is also a common way to cut and form metal in the fabrication industry.

However, we have found that CNC Plasma Cutting gives you a much more precise end-product at a more economical price, and this seems to be a consistent truth throughout the fabrication industry for the select few who offer this type of added equipment to their services.

The Accuracy and Speed of CNC Plasma Cutting

The accuracy and speed of CNC Plasma Cutting allows your project to be completed quickly and to your exact specifications – providing you with a finished product of the finest quality that can include intricate curves, inside cuts and sharp corners. Delivering a smoother end product than would not be possible with standard fabrication equipment.

The Facts of CNC Plasma Cutting

Our 8’ x 20’ High Definition CNC Plasma Table can cut from gauge material to ¾” plate with precision accuracy, giving it a near perfect score in the accuracy department.

From concept to completion, this type of fabrication machinery truly delivers on the promises we can offer our clients based on the CNC Plasma Cutting Table we employ.

At Absolute Fabrication, you can rest assured that our Certified Journey Tradesmen will complete your project with accuracy in a time-sensitive manner, and within the budget you specify.

So call us today for a quote at 604-888-8842 or fill in our simple quote form on our contact page (click here) for your convenience. We look forward to finding a solution for your challenge!