Thinking Outside the (Metal) Box

So let’s say -for arguments sake- your CAD system figures out the bend deduction for you (and it does), our second question would be this… does your operator really need to know where a bend deduction comes from?

After all the math is complete, and the “corners are cut”, say you discover an error has occurred …can you fix it at the brake?

Luckily …yes. And here’s how.

Depending on if you are bottom bending, forming, or coining, these variables will make a big difference when it comes to correcting the problem.

Coining will…

–       force the punch nose into the material

–       penetrate the neutral axis

–       stamp the entire punch face into the work piece

Bottom bending will…

–       force the material around the punch nose

–       form the bend to a set angle

As effective as it can be, coining is not commonly used these days because of the tonnage requirements, in addition to the cost of custom tooling, and increases potential for damage to the press brake.

Alternately, bottom bending is often avoided because of tonnage requirements, so air forming is usually the go-to process, as it requires the least amount of applied tonnage.

As an industry that specializes in fabrication projects, these processes are of little to no interest to our residential clients. But for industries looking to employ or acquire our machinery, this type of knowledge is helpful in knowing how to streamline a problem or concern.

Because press brake manufacturers offer coining and bottoming modes on their machines, some technicians (especially if new to the craft) may not have this information readily available to them, or understand the “why and how” behind this feature.

Often it is misconstrued as a bending method feature, when it can be used as a corrective feature.

In addition to helping you complete your required projects, Absolute Fabrication is also here to help you through the machining process if necessary, and help you better understand the best usage of your machinery.

Give us a call any time if you have come up against a problem or concern …we are happy to help!